You Don't Need Me (Any Longer)

Words & Music by Robin M. Blind


Recorded live at the original Freight & Salvage Coffee House

on San Pablo Avenue in Berkeley

February 18th, 1973

Charlie Hickox: Piano

Bing Nathan: upright bass and high-hat cymbals

Robin M. Blind: guitar and lead vocal

What this track lacks in recording quality, it makes up in ENERGY!


You don't need me any longer
You don't love me and I can tell
You don't need me any longer
That's why, Baby, I'm moving in by myself.

I bet you thought I'd have to write a mighty sad song about you
Just because I gave you everything I owned and more
And I bet you thought I'd have a very bad time living without you
But that's all right, you've been wrong before.

I can still remember the very first day that I saw you
You were lyin' on the sidewalk and didn't even have a dime
I only took you in because I felt so sorry for you
But even on your feet, you ain't no friend of mine.

Now I really don't know where my good luck has gone but I wonder
Baby just maybe some of it rubbed off on you
Because your luck was thoroughly rotten and bad but it's not we see
And so I guess it couldn't help but be that some of it rubbed off on me.